A water softener is a household plumbing appliance that helps change hard water to soft water by replacing calcium and magnesium ions in hard water with sodium ions which is safe for household use.

The way water softener functions is quite simple and impressive. Here’s how it works;

Water softeners are installed in your plumbing system where the water comes into your house. This is done, so that hard water is changed to soft water before entering the house.

Water enters the water softener through a water inlet which is controlled by a valve. The hard water is then passed through the brine tank containing sodium ion resin beads. When this water flows through the resin beads, calcium and magnesium ions are being interchanged with sodium ions turning it into soft water.

Then the controlled valve passes the soft water into your plumbing system to your kitchen and bathroom.

Continuous conversion of hard water to soft water in the brine tank coats the resin beads with more calcium and magnesium ions making it unable to convert hard water to soft water.

When this happens, a process known as regeneration takes place. During the regeneration process, the resin beads are flushed with regenerant (water containing sodium ions) which removes all calcium and magnesium build-up. This process is necessary to keep the beads charged and efficient; the hard water from the regeneration process is passed into the drainage.

Now, when hard water is passed through the water softener, it converts it to soft water efficiently. For more details on the function of each part of a water softener, click the link below

What Are The Top 4 Water Softener Brands in The UK?


Water2buy is an Irish based company renowned for its production of top quality, high-tech and low-cost plumbing appliances. Household devices made by Water2buy are straightforward to install thanks to the detailed and explanatory manuals provided. They also have an outstanding customer support system.

Harvey’s softeners

Harvey’s softeners is a West Sussex based company in England. Making a name for itself with over 50 years’ experience in the production of high-quality water softeners and bathroom accessories like electric showers. Popularly known for their custom designs, free delivery in the UK and free maintenance services from their professional technicians.

Eddy Water Descalers

Eddy Water Descalers has made a name for itself with over 15 years of water softener production. It is located in Surrey. Known for British design and solid engineered water softeners with a high-efficiency rating. They also have an impressive customer support system.

Water filter man

Water Filter Man is also a top dog in the production of water softeners. It is a West Midlands based company. Well known for their production of high quality and cost-effective de-scalers and softening appliances.

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